The New International Delegation Area of Your Event

New Organizer? Get a quick overview on how Connection55 platform will save you time, money and attract more international visitors to your programs

Create a Beautiful International Page

In just a few minutes, setup a beautiful, shareable international version of your ticketing page with all information about your event, prices, sponsorship plans, travel packages, custom details and important information all in one place.

Collect Payments Worldwide

Link you international page on the event's website or share it with participants and partners all over the world. They'll be able to choose their own currencies at checkout and you sell as a local. We accept payments in credit and debit card as well as other popular global payments methods as Alipay, Paypal, EPS, Multibanco, Giropay, SEPA and much more...

Offer hotels, flights and much more

Help your international visitors by offering travel services such as hotels, flights, transfers, tourist programs and much more. Our platform has dozens of integrations with international tour suppliers and you control it directly on your page.

Manage Sales & Financials

In your dashboard, you manage all financials (refunds, custom prices, discount codes, payment plans, balance due reminders, supplier payments) and all communication with the participants. When you are ready, you transfer the funds to your account or directly to a vendor anywhere in the world.

The best part: Connection55 saves you money by offering a simple unique all included fee, no hidden costs.

Use your digital wallet to pay suppliers

We enable a digital wallet in Euros where you can pay all kinds of international and local suppliers of your event. Just take to your country the exact amount you need, saving in fees taxes and getting more profitable.

Pay event suppliers everywhere

We enable a digital wallet in Euros, no matter in which country you are located. You can pay all types of international and local suppliers for your event and send to your country the exact balance of your transactions. Thus, saving in fees taxes and being more profitable.

Coordinate your delegates all over the world

If you have delegates around the world in charge of helping gather and organize visitors from different countries, now you can manage their benefits, such as commissions, free tickets and travel expenses, directly from your dashboard. Use your international balance to cover all these expenses and save your time, your sanity and thousands in processing fees.


Still use your local ticketing platform

Whether you're using EventBrite, Ticketbud, Bizzabo or any other ticketing platform, Connection55 just focus on the international delegations of your event or program. We send all the information you need about the purchases made on our platform, in any format you need. Our team can also help you with possible integrations and provide all the help you need.

Who uses Connection55?

Connection55 is used by thousands of event organizers and also travel professionals. Our users include business associations and federations, large and small companies, and global meeting and forum organizers.

Conferences in several areas, all types of business congress and expos, trade missions to exhibition fairs around the world and many more are all automating their international visitor areas by using Connection55. Our payment & ticketing system has powered thousands of delegations to over 80 countries.

Event organizers hate wasting countless hours trying to find a way to be paid from people in different countries, answering thousands of questions regarding VISA, travel information and others. They use Connection55 as their international delegation service platform.

How much does it cost to use Connection55?

We offer the lowest international fees in the global payments industry together with a powerful sales platform. In addition to paying with a credit card, clients can easily pay online with several other local payments methods. This means all payment processing, fees, exchange costs stay with us and you get your money in your local currency hassle free.