Why organizers love Connection55

White label solution focused on organisers dealing with delegations coming from several countries.

Global Registration Page

Create a customized online version of your multi-language and multi-currency event registration page.

Collect Payments Worldwide

Show your prices in 130+ currencies, get paid as a local and attract more international visitors.

Manage on the go

Manage financials, participant information and communications on the go by accessing your data from anywhere

How it works

Features for all business events such as seminars, conferences, congress, exhibitions fairs and much more

Yout international event page

Create your customized online multi-language, multi-currency and white-label event page with all features focused on global visitors

Registration Process

Create a personalized registration workflow allowing guests to choose from several different options from tickets, activities to gala dinners and much more

Custom Forms

Use Conmnection55 custom multi-language form options to collect important data from your attendees. Our forms allow you to create unlimited fields of various types.

Discount codes

Create and manage multiple discounts and coupons as part of your campaigns. You can create a percentage, flat and even re-engagement discounts.

Your Own Affiliate Program

Invite affiliates and referrals to upsell your event tickets/ registrations. Track their sales and offer them revenue share/ rewards to appreciate their support.

Manage Sales & Financials

Easily manage all financials as refunds, custom prices, discount codes, payment plans, balance due reminders and the communication with the participants.

Main Payment Features

Collect payments in 130+ currencies

Offer multicurrency tickets based on different currencies.
This makes it easy for your global attendees to pay in their own currency.

Offer local payment methods

Increase your conversions by supporting local payments. We support numerous non-card local methods together with international credit cards worldwide.

A whole new world for cross-sales

Set up and offer an unlimited number of cross-sales. From hotels, flights, dinners and tour packages to technical visits, meetings and much more.

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Our team has more than 10 years of experience
with business associations and international delegations.

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Industry-leading processing fee. No hidden costs.


On the value of each ticket sold
  • Create your ticketing/registration page;
  • Accept payments from all over the world;
  • Your balance in Euros or Dollars;
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees;
  • Pay only for what you use;
  • All sales exchange fee already included;
  • Manage your event everywhere

Offer Tour Services

Easily allow your client to book the mais tour services they need

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Organizers, travel agencies, business associations and world class organizations

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Testimonials from our organizers

"Connection55 is the perfect platform for anybody who wants to have visitors from everywhere in the world in a hassle-free mode.
I recommend it for all organizers hosting any international delegation."

– Marina Miranda, CEO on Rethink Business Event

"Our last trade mission during the Web Summit 2017 in partnership with Connection55 was a real success. The excellence of the platform made our work so much easier during the whole project, and it was also highly complimented by the users."

– Nuno Rebelo, President at Federation of Portuguese Chambers of Commerce in Brazil